About LaserXpress

Abel Equipment a leading manufacturer of brick handling equipment installed a laser cutting machine as an extension of their current business. LASERXPRESS is currently using this 11 tons of high technology CNC laser cutter on a variety of materials, to machine steel to very high tolerances. The laser machine takes the best part of 300m2 and had to be installed on a 10 ton specially cast anti vibration concrete slab to ensure the accuracy. It was imported from Germany and runs on the same software used by Boeing, Caterpillar, Mercedes and other high profile industries.


The accuracy of the machine (+-0.05 mm tolerance) combined with the affordability of the finished component is making a huge impact on the local industry. Currently, local Manufacturers, Architects, Mechanical engineers, Structural engineers, Interior Designers, Sign makers and CAD designers are having to send their sheet metal  work to other parts of the country to be laser cut and this is fortunately no longer necessary as the new 5.0 kilowatt laser cutting machine is making a difference to sheet metal manufacturers in the Southern Cape. The variety of materials to be cut is excellent, Carbon steel up to 25.0 mm thick, Stainless steel up to 10.0 mm thick and Aluminum up to 6.0 mm thick. Most of these materials are also kept in stock at our premises. Sheet sizes up to 3 meters x 1.5 meters can be accommodated for very large components. Speed combined with accuracy is the key to the laser cutting technology success. As an example the machine cuts 1.6 mm thick Stainless steel plate at a speed of 7400 millimeters per min and with no compromise on Quality.


The components are cut straight from an accurate CAD drawing, therefore it is as easy as sending an e-mail or a compact disc to LASERXPRESS with the relevant information. That information can then be used to laser cut straight from the drawing with the assistance of their unique software. LASERXPRESS can also generate 3D designs as well as 2D designs, making it possible for Customers to supply the component to be reverse engineered where necessary. 2D Drawings of components can also be done from accurate sketches by the LASERXPRESS team. Redesigning of your current methods and components can also make your finished products easier and cheaper to assemble. All of this can help turn local manufactures into globally and nationally competitive players. The savings on most processes are significant putting the money back in your pocket. Once your drawing is done it is saved for future use.


The advantages of laser cutting over other conventional methods such as Plasma cutting and flame cutting are numerous. The accuracy of the machine means no scrap and no reworking of components to get rid of unsightly burrs, saving time and money. The heat affected zone is also small and distortion of the component is insignificant. This technology has been benefiting various companies in the Southern Cape for quite a while but with the disadvantage of having to transport the goods to this area, adding extra cost to the components and not having the advantage of being able to change drawings at there leisure during the development stages and when any changes need to be otherwise done. Communication with suppliers is always a key factor to the success of any product and LASERXPRESS is now virtually on your doorstep.


Architects can now develop their ideas around the modern concepts required for modern designs and living. Interior designers could move their decorations to what they have always required and have not been able to do. Mechanical and structural Engineers can enhance their methods of design and application. Sign makers will be able to manufacture more modern and longer lasting signs and make the “sign of the times”. With this technology available the sky is the limit.