About LaserXpress

Abel Equipment, a specialist brick industry equipment manufacturer, installed a laser cutting machine as an extension of their current business. LASERXPRESS has been operating since 2005 using the latest high technology CNC equipment on a variety of materials, to machine steel to extremely high tolerances.

In 2019 an 8Kw Fiber Sheetmetal Laser Cutter was installed as an upgrade to the CO2 laser cutting machines previously used. The variety of materials that can be cut is Carbon steel up to 30.0 mm thick, Stainless steel up to 10.0 mm thick and Aluminum up to 6.0 mm thick. Most of these materials are also kept in stock at our premises. Sheet sizes up to 3 meters x 1.5 meters can be accommodated for exceptionally large components. Speed combined with accuracy is the key to the laser cutting technology success.

The components are cut straight from an accurate CAD drawing; therefore, it is as easy as sending an e-mail to LASERXPRESS with the relevant information. That information can then be used to laser cut sheet metal using the CAD drawing and the assistance of their versatile software.

The advantages of laser cutting over other conventional methods such as Plasma cutting and flame cutting, and CO² Laser cutting are numerous. The accuracy of the machine means no scrap and no reworking of components to get rid of unsightly burrs, saving time and money. The heat affected zone is also small and distortion of the component is limited. This technology has been benefiting various companies in the Southern Cape since 2005.

Mechanical and Structural Engineers can enhance their methods of design and application. Sheet Metal Manufacturers will see great improvements in quality of the fabricated assemblies once they have been able to apply this technology to their product line.